Sunday, March 27, 2016

40 Year Itch : Heard a Big A-Rumble

Hank Mizell : Jungle Rock

    On March 28, 1976 a 53 year old American rockabilly singer named Hank Mizell had a hit song in the UK Top 20. It was called "Jungle Rock" and it was recorded nearly twenty years earlier in 1958 for Eko Records. Charly Records, which specialized in old and obscure music,  released the single apparently without Mizell's knowledge. As the single leapt up the charts, a mad search ensued for Mizell. The Top of the Pops host said "We'd love to have him on the show. Trouble is nobody can find him". With that,  Pan's People performed the song in a memorable costumed romp.

    Mizell, eventually located in Tennessee working as a clerk in a shipping office, was convinced to fly out to the UK to help promote "Jungle Rock".  The single would hit #3 in the UK and #1 in Holland

UK TOP 20 for March 28, 1976

 4. John Miles : Music
 6. Gallagher and Lyle : I Wanna Stay With You
 7. Elton John Pinball Wizard
 8. The Beatles : Yesterday
 9. Marmalade : Falling Apart at the Seams
10. The Glitter Band : People Like You, People Like Me
12. The Drifters: Hello Happiness
13. The Eagles : Take It to the Limit
15. Guys and Dolls : You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
16. Peters and Lee : Hey Mr Music Man
17. Randy Edelman : Concrete and Clay
18. Hank Mizell : Jungle Rock
19. C.W. McCall : Convoy
20. Hot Chocolate : Don't Stop It Now

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  1. Jungle Rock is one of the three finest singles ever made!