Wednesday, March 30, 2016

40 Year Itch : The Pains of Boyhood

The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver : Arms of Mary

   A year after Rod Stewart took the Sutherland Brothers' tune "Sailing" to #1 for four weeks in the UK, the folksy brothers teamed up with the rock band Quiver to record some spotless pop tunes. "Arms of Mary" is the stand-out, a Top 10 UK hit and #1 in Ireland and The Netherlands that would later be covered by the Everly Brothers.  Quiver bassist Bruce Thomas would eventually join Elvis Costello and the Attractions.


  1. Although it wouldn't have been cool for me and my mates to admit it at the time, Arms of Mary is a great song and I hadn't heard the Everly's version before so I dug around a bit and ....don't think I'm an Everly's nut who hovers round the internet waiting to pounce on the slightest error or criticism on their behalf but AOM is on their 1985 album Born Yesterday, not as you suggest Some Hearts. I hate it too when I see smart arse comments like mine. Sorry.

    1. It's the YouTube video that suggests it's on Some Hearts not I. In any case thanks for the clarification.