Friday, July 12, 2019

Life's Little Ironies

Buzzcocks : Harmony In My Head

On July 13, 1979 The Buzzcocks released a new single, the Steve Diggle penned "Harmony In My Head" b/w Pete Shelley's "Something's Gone Wrong Again". The single peaked at U.K.#32. Diggle sings lead vocals and related to Pitchfork a story that involved Kurt Cobain.

I mean, I was with Kurt in the weeks before he died. I couldn't believe it, he said to me he loved "Harmony in My Head", you know? And I told him that I smoked 20 cigarettes to get that sound because I'd read that John Lennon smoked a load of cigarettes on "Twist and Shout". And Kurt loved that.

Pete Shelley's "Something's Gone Wrong Again" lives up to its title when the guitar solo sounds completely wrong. Ad yet, one of my favorites of their songs.

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