Tuesday, July 19, 2016

40 Year Itch : Who'd She Coo ?

Ohio Players : Who'd She Coo?

Released in July of 1976, the last #1 R and B hit for Ohio Players would eventually knock "Getaway" from the top spot, peak at #18 on the US charts and appear on Hit Explosion,  a Ronco album I got my sister for Christmas specifically for The Spinners's "Rubberband Man".

In the Nevada desert, I'd never caught the tune on the radio. Next to Barry Manilow and England Dan and John Ford Coley, "Who'd She Coo?" came across as a deep cut on Hit Explosion. It was a classic grower for this white kid. "Rubberband Man" is still my favorite cut from the album, but "Who'd She Coo?"is right up there.

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