Sunday, July 31, 2016

US TOP 10 July 31 1976

Every one of these songs are seared into my brain, bringing up not memories but more of a deep sense of unease that I must have felt as I approached my teen-age years that summer. I had convinced my dad that I needed to live with him and my stepmother back in Connecticut while my sister stayed with my mom in Nevada. I'd soon be starting football practice and prepping myself for exams to get into boarding school.

I was still wetting the bed. It was a cause of a great deal of stress for the entire family and my dad woke me up every night before he went to bed and stood over me as I peed. One night in 1976, we watched a TV movie called "The Loneliest Runner" about a bedwetter whose mother shamed her son by displaying his wet sheet for all the neighbors to see. My step mother turned to me and said " Well, you have to admit I've never done that!". 

1 KISS AND SAY GOODBYE –•– The Manhattans (Columbia) (2 weeks at #1)

2 LOVE IS ALIVE –•– Gary Wright (Warner Brothers)

3 MOONLIGHT FEELS RIGHT –•– Starbuck (Private Stock)

4 AFTERNOON DELIGHT –•– The Starland Vocal Band (Windsong)

5 DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART –•– Elton John and Kiki Dee (Rocket)

6 GET CLOSER –•– Seals and Crofts (Featuring Carolyn Willis) (Warner Brothers)

7 GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE –•– The Beatles (Capitol)

8  ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC –•– The Beach Boys (Brother)

9 I’LL BE GOOD TO YOU –•– The Brothers Johnson (A&M)

10 LET ‘EM IN –•– Wings (Capitol)

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