Wednesday, July 27, 2016

40 Year Itch : Lennon Granted a Green Card

On July 27 1976, after three and a half years battling the US government authorities on behalf of Richard Nixon, John Lennon was issued a green card which allowed him to settle in the US for good. As you can see in the news footage below, this was a day that brought great relief to the Lennons, who dressed up for the ceremony and looked remarkably clean cut.

Nixon hated Lennon's anti war activism and tried to persuade the courts that the ex Beatle's 1978 marijuana bust was grounds for deportation. With Nixon gone, the courts ruled for Lennon who had said he preferred to live in New York City because it was the Rome of its time. And goddamn it, he would only be live for another four years before Mark David Chapman came out of the city shadows with a gun.

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