Wednesday, July 6, 2016

40 Year Itch : Sincerely

Dwight Twilley Band : Sincerely

Released a year after their single "I'm On Fire" peaked at #16 on the US charts, the Dwight Twilley Band's power pop classic Sincerely was held up through no fault of their own. Their label, the Leon Russell-owned Shelter Records, was essentially incompetent and lost its distribution deal at the exact moment they needed to release an LP to capitalize on "I'm On Fire"'s success. 

The critics fawned over the Tulsa band's album ( drummer/vocalist/ songwriter Phil Seymour and guitarist Bill Pitcock IV were the other members). Rolling Stone's Bud Scoppa brought up comparisons with Big Star, The Hot Dogs, Blue Ash, Cowboy, The Beatles, Beach Boys and Byrds, summing up his review with the words "If their work here is blatantly derivative, it's also quite personal. The Twilley Band has concocted the best rock debut album of the year."

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