Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Joan Armatrading releases another classic single "All The Way From America"

Joan Armatrading : All the Way From America

In August of 1980, Joan Armtrading released her UK#54 hit "All The Way From America", a second single from her UK#5 album Me Myself I. She's accompanied here by the studio musicians who would make up David Letterman's band, including Paul Shaffer, Will Lee and Anton Fig. When asked why she doesn't have her own band the way Graham Parker and Elvis Costello do, Joan says

 I get worried sometimes...I don't want anything I do to be only 50 percent me. I want the majority share. A permanent band might want to put more of their own stamp on it. Though I don't want the guys to feel like robots either. They are all good musicians, they have to have their chance to say "this is what I can do".

She's also asked why she isn't more political. She responds, joking:

I know I'm black. I see it all the time, I like it. I wouldn't want to wash it off. I mean, some of my family are black.

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