Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Two clean cut bands from Scotland release singles on the same day

Orange Juice : Blue Boy


In August of 1980, Postcard Records released two singles by two clean cut Scottish bands on the same day. They shared both a release date and a cover. One is "Blue Boy" b/w "Love Sick" by Orange Juice, a Glasgow Band featuring Edwyn Collins on vocals and guitar, James Kirk on guitar, David McClymont on bass and Steven Daly on drums. The first three had been playing together since 1978 as The Nu-Sonics. Collins told NME's Gacin Martin, "We thought we'd like a fresh start and there's nothing fresher than orange juice. Well, we knew all those connotations of it being really fresh and natural but basically we like drinking orange juice and the name seemed pretty weird".

Scratched in the vinyl of the 45 is the question "When is an artist at his most dangerous?" flipped with "...when he's drawing a gun". 

Fold the sleeve in another way and you come up with:

This is the single "Radio Drill Time" b/w a live version of "Crazy To Exist" by the bookish Edinburgh band Josef K featuring Paul Haig on vocals, Malcolm Ross on guitar, Ron Torrence on drums and David Weddell on bass. The two bands had formed an alliance, promoting each other in their hometowns, while Postcard Records owner Alan Horne promoted them as the second coming to varying degrees of success.


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  2. The sleeve was folded one way for the Orange Juice single, and the other way for the Josef K single (this cut down the printing costs).

    Blueboy c/w Lovesick (Cat#: 80.2) by Orange Juice was the second release by Postcard. Radio Drill Time c/w Crazy to Exist (Cat#: 80.3) by Josef K was the third Postcard release.