Wednesday, April 4, 2012

40 Year Ago Today: ZZ Top Gets Muddy

For their second album, released April 4, 1972, ZZ Top stuck to the blueprint that would make them rich and famous: hell-raising, blues-based, beer-soaked boogie. All that's missing is the two-foot Rutherford B Hayes beards, mirrored shades and whatever that twirling gesture was we saw in the MTV videos.

In a 2005 interview with a New Yorker reporter, Billy Gibbons revealed that because of that beard, he has to drink beer through a straw. He also prefers to sleep on the floor of his hotel room. Not sure what his wife, the lovely Gilligan Stillwater, thinks about that.

While Rio Grande Mud's best known cuts are the single "Francine" and the perennial radio fave "Just Got Paid" ( see below), at 1001Songs we like deep cuts... and we like Bar-B-Q.

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