Thursday, April 5, 2012

Terry Hall ( Specials, Fun Boy 3) Picks His Top 10

Terry Hall made this list the March 18, 1982 issue of Smash Hits which I've discovered courtesy of Like Punk Never Happened. At the time the former Specials frontman was promoting the first Fun Boy Three album.

 1. Question Mark and the Mysterians: 96 Tears - my favourite record of all time
 2. Echo And The Bunnymen: A Promise - sing with feeling
 3. Charles Aznavour : She - sung with a french accent
 4. The Buzzcocks : What Do I Get - what do i get?
 5. The Doors : Take It As It Comes - the second best thing to come out of America
 6. The Roches: Hammond Song - i like this for it harmonies
 7. Dave Brubeck : Take Five - my favourite piece of music
 8. Talking Heads : Heaven - it helps me sleep
 9. The Higsons : I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys - it makes me laugh
 10. Ediath Piaf : No Regrets - it sums up my musical career

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