Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Top Ten by Joey Ramone

      Joey Ramone liked his rock loud, direct and lacking in frills, and he was not afraid to put one of his band's albums on his top ten list for Spin Magazine's Alternate Record Guide, published in 1995. That it's their live album might come as a surprise to some.

1. Stooges : Fun House
2. Stooges : The Stooges

3. Ramones : It's Alive

4. Motorhead: No Remorse
5. Alice Cooper: Love It To Death

6. Sex Pistols : Never Mind the Bollocks
7. MC5 : Kick Out the Jams

8. New York Dolls : New York Dolls

9. Heartbreakers: L.A.M.F.
10. Buzzcocks: Singles Going Steady

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