Monday, May 25, 2015

My Top Ten by Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks)

Three O'Clock : Jet Fighter

   Like most power pop icons, Fastbacks guitarist and songwriter Kurt Bloch is an artist way either ahead or way behind his times. One thing he could always do ( and still does) is play a guitar loud...and melodically. This Top 10 list he made for Spin's Alternative Record Guide (1995) shows he appreciates others who can do the same. 

  If you visit the Gibson guitar showroom in Seattle, you might be lucky enough to run into Bloch. He's a guitar tech there.

1. Pixies : Bossanova

2. Toy Dolls : Dig That Groove Baby

3. U.K. Subs :Brand New Age

4. Wipers :Youth of America

5. Three O'Clock : Sixteen Tambourines

6. Didjits : Hey Judestar

7. Urge Overkill : Americruiser

8. XTC :Black Sea

9. Buzzcocks: Another Music in a Different Kitchen

10. Bad Brains : I Against I 

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