Monday, September 21, 2015

40 Year Itch : Where Pub Meets Punk

The Count Bishops: Teenage Letter

   Named for a New York City gang by American vocalist Mike Spenser,  The Count Bishops were a London band that sped up the roots rock sound of the Rolling Stones earning favor with the pub rock crowd who favored Dr Feelgood and Eddie and the Hot Rods over the mellower bands like Kursaal Flyers and Clancy. Punk impresario Malcolm McLaren wondered aloud whether Spenser was the right vocalist for a new band he was putting together, The Sex Pistols.


  1. Great band and an extraordinarily talented guitarist in the shape of Zenon de Fleur who bought the farm way, way, too early. I mention them a lot whenever I talk about the pub rockers handing the baton to the punks.

    1. Thanks John! This blog is a journey of discovery for me and I have to admit The Count Bishops was one of the best discoveries of the year!