Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To Schooldays

I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.

Woody Allen

Summer seemed especially long this time. Looking forward to dropping the small people off at school. By the way, that J Geils tune is especially worthy.

1. Various Artists : Schoolhouse Rocky --a 15 second intro from the Schoolhouse Rocks compilation
2. Jimmy Reed : Goin On To School -- blues legend's track from 1958 debut album I'm Jimmy Reed
3. The Mindbenders : Schoolgirl -- risque 1967 single written by Graham Gouldman for future 10cc bandmate Eric Stewart's band
4. NRBQ : Still in School --classic Joey Spampinato pop tune from 1977's All Hopped Up
5. MC5 : High School --sounds like post punk but it's from the 1970 Jon Landau produced Back in the USA
6. Graham Parker : Back To Schooldays-- Graham Parker live solo effort of Howlin Wind classic
7. Tammy Wynette : Don't Make Me Go Back To School--from Stand By Your Man
8. J. Geils Band : Homework -- cover of Otis Rush single from the 1970 J Geils debut

And as a special bonus:

                                                          DEAF SCHOOL

UK art rockers from 1976 who masterfully combined new wave with cabaret. ( It shouldn't work and even if it works I shouldn't like it...but it does and I do). Discovered this in a library that year, apparently donated by the local radio station which would never play anything this unique.

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