Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The KISSaster

Ace Frehley : New York Groove

On September 18, 1978 the four members of KISS each out out a solo album. In his book, Makeup to Breakup: MT Life In and Out of KISS, drummer Peter Criss writes "In retrospect, doing the solo albums probably put the final nail in the band."

  Actually, the solo albums combined with the October TV movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park probably did the band in. The LA Times called it "a four star abomination. A five-minute idea for a cartoon, disguised as a two hour movie.

  Criss's solo album charted lowest of all the KISS solo albums, peaking at US#43.

With the help of the Top 20 hit, "New York Groove", Ace Frehley had the best selling of the solo albums, reaching US #26 and shipping more than 1,000,00 copies.

Gene Simmons had the most interesting solo album, hopping musical genres from disco to hard rock to covering "When You Wish Upon a Star". He was also an asshole in the studio, according to Criss:

He wouldn't even call the great musicians ...by their proper names. He'd call them "Hey, lead guitar," or "Hey, drums." It tool a revolt where they almost walked out of the sessions to straighten Gene out.

Gene's 2004 solo album would be called Asshole.

Paul Stanley also recorded a solo album, described by critics as the most KISS-like of the records. Check out the power pop of "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me".

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  1. Just listened to all these solo albums. This is the only one with good production and mature song writing... The other albums just sucked... Good job mister Stanley. obviously the real talent behind kiss (although, Gene was cool and is a good bass player. Just not really a musician) Kiss - Paul Stanley